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facebook messager seen

Facebook messenger has this “seen” feature. When you see your friend’s messages but didn’t reply or forgot to reply, the message will be marked as seen followed by date and time. This can cause a little bit of trouble, when your friend didn’t get a message but know you have read their message.

There’s an extension for Chrome and Firefox that blocks this “seen” feature. It’s FB Unseen.

What the plugin does is blocks the seen status whenever you read the messages and thus the seen status is not send at all. So you didn’t read the messages even if you did read them, and that’s the drawback of this extension, it keeps the messages as unread, till you reply to make it read.

You can see the “seen” though, if your friend has seen your message. You can turn off, only by disabling this plugin. There’s no easy turn off and on.

It’s quite long now, this plugin came out, and it’s still working. You can as well as use any ad blocker to block this, but why not use a dedicated extension?

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