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Steganography or stego in short, is hiding a file within another file or technically, embedding a data file in a carrier file. You can hide an archive within an image. The app I am going to talk about, that does this is Steganography, named after the technique itself. The were similar stego apps floating on the internet way before 2007 that does this cryptic file hide.

This technique could be useful to send files that are secret. Even if the file is caught by someone you don’t want, they couldn’t find the file. Even if they did, you can password protect the archive that wouldn’t let them get to the contents.

Antivirus program won’t detect any problem with the file. You can still view the stego image perfectly, and modify it, like resizing or cropping and the archive in there stays just fine.

The app, Steganography, is open source and can be found at the sourceforge. It’s a 400 KB small download file. The interface is simple. All you need is a JPG image and an archive file that is preferably, password protected. The file size can give it away. In that case, make sure to embed archives in a large resolution image, that couldn’t give it away. This isn’t a portable file, you have to install it.

Let’s see this app in action,


There is an image file, in which I am going to embed a secret.rar file. I want the output, known as stego image, to be called as usual as possible, I am naming it cat puzzled.

Adding image is a simple step. Click on it to bring the file open view, select directories and choose image you want it to be a stego image. Then add an archive ZIP or RAR. Give it a name for the output file name. You don’t have to have the JPG extension there, as it would create the output like name.jpg.jpg, and finally, the output folder where you want the stego image to be generated.

Once you have filled in all details, click create. That’s it. The stego image will be created for you.

You won’t see any change to the image, except for the file size. You can easily access the ZIP or RAR just by renaming your output file extension. If the output file is, cat_puzzled.jpg, rename it to cat_puzzled.rar or zip. It should work the same way as any archive file. But its icon would be of an image icon. I am using Irfanview as my default image viewer, so even after changing the file extension to rar, I still see it having the irfanview icon. This is where the developer must work on, so it’s not giving away any clues.

stego image and archive

If it is password protected before embedding it to image, it would still be password protected.

Get Steganography Here

(via AddictiveTips, photo credit Flickr)

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