How to add a blog to feedly?

This blog is not found through a search on Feedly as it is the only way feedly adds a new blog. And it isn’t easy to add a new feed to your feedly subscribed list by any other ways.

So how to add a blog with little or no popularity at all?  If you know the blog’s feed url, you can easily view it on feedly and subscribe it. To do that, search for any blog’s name or search anything and click on the search listing. It will bring that blog to the main view.


Now on the Url bar, append your blog to subscribe feed or your blog’s feed next to this feedly url, as shown below,


So the full url would look like

And now when you hit enter, it will load that blogs feed, and you can subscribe to that blog.


With this simple hack, you can view any feeds on feedly.

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