How to block Youtube Video Ads

I know this is going to be tough for me. I enjoyed most of the Youtube video ads, but yet due to lack of topic ideas I am reduced to cover this one. I know I am not going to turn it off all the time, I will miss those ads, I can always turn it on back again. Also by writing this post, it also sabotages the ads on this website.

When you download Adblock Plus for Chrome or Firefox, it comes with a filter subscription in the name of Easylist, that blocks ads almost everywhere on the internet. I have that turned off, as I want to see the ads and how Google is working hard to show relevant and informative ads, I want to have them on. With that out of the way, let’s quickly see, how to turn off Youtube Video ads, that some times challenges your patience. That’s my only reason, it challenges my patience to get to the original video when I need it the most. As well as some of these ads are repetitive. I am writing this post well aware that It can backfire on me, blocking the ads on this website as well.

People have Tivo and get TV shows without ads, does that mean the producer of the shows doesn’t generate enough AD revenues? No! Same goes with the Adblock Plus the kind of Tivo of the internet. I am not the only one who finds Ads helpful, heck I have been an advertiser myself once before. So Adblock Plus isn’t a killer of online advertising. It’s more like Tivo but it’s live instead of seeing the shows later on without the ads. You have the control when to turn it off and when to not.

So to get started, download Adblock plus, for chrome here, and for firefox here.

I recommend you turn off the the Easylist, only if you choose to do.

adblock plus easylist

Most of the people keep it turned on, just because it lets them block Youtube video ads, without doing anything other than installing the Adblock Plus.

I know I will soon get used to the ads, just like the TV commercials. And I know you too.

Ok, now that you have installed Adblock Plus, here’s the filter that blocks Youtube video ads.

To add this filter, open the “Filter Preference” from Adblock Plus.

On the custom filters tab, with the “Element hiding rules” selected, click on “Add Filter” and copy-paste that filter code.

adblock plus custom filters

You are done. Now Youtube videos will never play video ads until you turn this filter off by unchecking the enabled check box. I know I will, because the totally unexpected random 30 second ads is a pleasure in itself watching them.

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