How To Buy and Sell Cars for Profit: Flipping Cars for Money Without a Dealership License

How To Make Money Buying and Selling Cars for Profit

There are numerous ways to make extra money, and finding the profitable ones is just a matter of doing your homework. One way of making good money is by flipping cars, which can be quite lucrative if done right. If you want to start flipping cars and start making a good deal of money out of it, then follow the advice in this article.
The government regulates the number of cars unlicensed citizens will buy and sell and so, learning how to buy and sell cars legally to avoid the costly fines is the first step you need to take.

Build up Starting Capital To Buy Your First Car

You are going to need some savings to flip cars, a significant amount so to speak. Ideally, you will have to pay for fire licensing. The start up costs for flipping cars will cost around $10, 000 on average. However, do not be surprised if the startup ends up costing you more. As they say, you have to spend money to make money.

Find a Place to Market and Sell

You need to know where you are going to sell your cars. It might be your home, a used cat lot or any other location. If you are going to have many cars at once, you need to consider storage. Ideally, will they be displayed? Answering these questions will ensure you come up with a place that is ideal for your business.

Get A Dealer’s License

Licensing may vary from state to state, but generally, acquiring a license for operation in buying and selling cars requires you to take a course and pass a test. Without this license, flipping cars will be nothing more than an illegal business.

Build inventory

After getting a license, buy cars at wholesale rates, so that you can be able to sell them at a profitable retail price.

Marketing strategy

Every business that needs to succeed needs to have a plan. What are individuals looking for in a vehicle? How can you be able to provide all they need while still making a profit? You should do your homework and find what cars are in demand. This way, you will avoid making bad investments and poor decisions.

Know Your Stuff

You can go to private automobile options. This will help you learn about the industry and also allow you to bid and purchase cars at a very low price. You can find the location and times when these auctions occur online. Ideally, you can be able to sell cars online, a privilege that only licensed dealers have. So take advantage of this as well.

Advertise and Market Your Car Business

Get your name in the papers through ads and post classified ads online. Create a website along with social networking accounts for your business. Interacting with people on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other sites will help you get clients for your flipping business. Remember, you cannot make money or profits without sales and sales come from people. So, invest in marketing your business to have it known by as many people as possible.

Learn How To Flip Cars for Profit with a Proven Course

People have been making money flipping cars as a way to get some extra cash or to pay for their son/daughter college initial loan payment, and so on. But a few people that do it as a full time job. Buying a 1990-1997 Mazda Miata for $450, revamping it by painting and doing other works to flip it for $2000.

It’s happening. My dad’s friend does this full time for years and he is very rich. In this article I am going to show you how you can start a car flipping business right from your home or increase your annual turnover if you are already doing it.

Read on, discover it for yourself, how lucrative this can be, and you’ll never again wonder how can you make money flipping cars!

f1 autocash review video how to flip cars

F1 Autocash Formula 2.0 Course Review:

Tony Bandalos is the author of this course. This course teaches you how you can make a side income or full time income buying and selling cars right from your home. As you know flipping is buying low, selling high, you will learn how to buy cars for low, for $500 or $450 and selling it for $1500 – $2000.

You maybe thinking “Can I do it without a dealer’s license?” Ofcourse, you can. But you can only do it as per the selling legal limit. Which means you can only sell 5-8 cars per name per year. Now, even if your average profits per car is $1000, then you can make $5000 – $8000 a year all from your home only working 4-8 hours per car. That is painting, and other revamping stuffs.

What F1 Autocash Formula course promises is that, you will be making higher profit margins. So you can even net $15000 a year by flipping only 8 cars a year.

The topics this course covers are outlined below,

  • How to research the cars market to find out what cars sell quicker with a higher profit margin.
  • How to figure out what’s the best price to buy a car, and what price to list it for sale that’s so attractive to buyers.
  • How to get a higher return on investment with only $500 to start with.
  • If you can afford to spend $1000, this course teaches you how to turn that $1000 into $10,000 in 4-5 car flips.
  • You will discover a “PME” tactic to buy cars to flip it for more profits.
  • How to use “Kelly bluebook”, “the Canadian Blackbook” and “the Australian Redbook” to know what to pay for a car when buying.
  • Most of all you will learn when to walk away from a deal and when to jump on an attractive deal.
  • Before buying, you need to know how to perform some simple vehicle inspection, so you don’t buy a car that is no good for flipping. You will learn what those simple vehicle inspections are.
  • You will learn that this business is a CASH business. So don’t get scammed by not following the payment and receiving methods.
  • How to tactfully negotiate with your prospects even before leaving your home. So you avoid tire kickers. Period.
  • How to  post sell ads for free that attracts a lot of people, calling you to buy from you.

And to top it all, you will get a documented testimonial report of a guy named Olaf who pulls in 5 figures a month flipping cars. I happen to think, documented success stories are the key to a fast business success. So grabbing this course now sounds a good deal to me.

Here’s what Tony has to show you to get inspired,


If this sounds like a lot of money to buy a car, as I earlier said, you can start with just $500 seed money right?

Here’s another sale screenshot for a car that is only bought for $475,30-99nissangxe-300x201,


  1. You can climb up the profit ladder quickly with only $500 seed capital.
  2. Learn to avoid bad deals and tire kickers quickly, so saving a lot of time.
  3. Easy renovation 4-8 hours per car to flip it.
  4. Good places to post your sale ad, so you close the deal in short amount of time.
  5. The art of deal making and negotiation is taught.


  1. You got to have atleast $500 to enter this business as a hobby or full time.
  2. The course is a 8 week training program that is only accessible by internet, no mail man deliveries at your door with a DVD.



F1 Autocash Formula 2.0, is a revised edition that costs $197. It’s way less than the capital you require to open any offline business.

You will learn for 8 weeks by interactive videos, PDF study materials, and there are most that already flipped a car even before completing the course. So your total investment would be $197 + $475, that is $672 and you can double that or get even more with your first car flip.

So take your time visiting Tony’s page and give a read on what you will learn in the 8 weeks training program, see inside what the members are looks like, and get yourself in a new business that is operated from your home starting today!


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