How to change default complete action using apps in Android

It’s a common routine that whenever you click on a link the android prompts for which app you would like to open, (or complete action using). You will then choose from the 3 or 4 apps and proceed with that link. You can instead make an app default for that action, you can do that right on the “complete action using” screen. Tap on  “use by default for this action” checkbox and then tap on the app. For example I have chosen Internet app as a default link viewer.


To clear the default actions for an app, (so the app won’t be set as default for any action), so for example lets clear the Internet app off its default action of link viewing,

Clear default actions associated with an app

  1. Tap on settings and tap on Applications,
  2. Tap  on Manage applications.
  3. From the list of apps. on manage applications screen, select an app to clear its associated default opening,


  4. Under Launch by default, Tap on clear defaults

Manage default actions associated with an app

There is an app that shows what apps are used for what action by default. The app is Default App Manager. This shows what apps are set as default for what purposes or categories. You can clear the default as well as set as default for any apps easily with this app. So I am taking the Internet app example again, to show how to set it as default app and clear the defaults as well,

Once you installed the app, open it and opening screen looks like as shown below,


You can set or clear the default apps for categories from this view. There are categories for everything you do on your Android phone/tablet. Some of them are Audio streaming, browser, calender, opening different files, mail, messenger, photo etc…

You can tap on the categories to see what app is opened as default viewer.


Using the same example as previous, Internet app is the default for Browser. You can choose an another app to set it as default or clear the current app from it default associations. Either way Default app manager does it with the Android interfaces, so you will see the same screens to set or clear defaults.

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