How to Create a PDF in 2 Easy Steps

PDF, one of the most convenient file formats for sharing electronic files, is suitable for almost any type of file. It is especially handy when used for documents created in some specialized software that most average computer users don’t have. For example, when a PDF is created from a format such as AutoCAD’s DWG, everyone can view it on their computer, regardless of whether they have AutoCAD installed or not.

There are many tools for PDF creation. There are also tools that provide PDF creation only as a small part of their complete PDF management solution, such as Able2Extract. Such robust tools make working with PDFs a quick and easy experience, which is especially needed in business industries. We are going to look into a PDF software named Able2Extract in this post, so here are the steps in creating a PDF with it, (The newest version of Able2Extract can be installed from Investintech’s website and used for free for 7 days)

The walk through of PDF creation/conversion.

Here’s how you can make sure your document gets viewed on any computing platform, in only two steps:

  1. Click the Create button in Able2Extract 9:

able2extract menu

  1. Browse through your folders and choose the file you want to convert to PDF. It can be any printable file, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.:

able2extract choose a file

If it’s a large document, you can click on the Print Dispatcher in the lower part of the application:

able2extract print dispatcher


This will show you the progress of your file conversion. Once it’s converted, you can save it to your computer.

If you want to make your document even more secure, you need to make a few additional steps. Open your PDF:

able2extract open file


Now click on the View tab, and then choose PDF Creation Options:

able2extract PDF creation options


Click on Security, and check the Secure PDF box.


able2extract secure PDF

As you can see, Able2Extract allows users to sets passwords and file permissions that let users control whether others can print, copy and change their PDF files. This option is mostly used when people are transmitting sensitive material.

In closing…

As you can see Able2Extract can convert all known office file formats to PDF easily. You can also use the Google Docs, and print it as PDF, but this software looks good particularly if you don’t want to upload it to Google Docs every time when you need to convert it as PDF. The 7 day trial comes handy here, to see if it’s worth it. I tried it and happy with the tool so far. I am not going to cough up some money to get the full version yet, but for frequent office file works, this could be your best bet.

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