How To Create Your Own Programming Language

If you’ve ever wondered how to create your own programming language, this post is for you.

While the task may sound daunting, it’s actually made easy with create your first programming language software which enables you to get underway with some series of steps.

A programming language is an artificial language that is created to express computations that can be performed by the computer. Since it’s hard for human to type numbers like ‘10011001’ for creating large algorithms, programming languages can be used to build programs that control machine behavior to express algorithms or also as a mode of human communication. A broader way of describing a programming language is that it’s a vocabulary and set of grammatical rules for directing a computer to perform specific tasks.

First Steps To Create Your Own Programming Language

how to create your own programming languageTo create your own program language using create your first programming language software, you can use java or ruby to-do-so among other tools. Some of the systems that you can use to create your first programming language are as follows;

  • The eBook – has a 100 page PDF detailing core concepts and applying them to a custom language in Ruby
  • Exercises and solutions – identify proposed extensions to the language with some solutions at the end of the book.
  • Three languages – has full source code of three languages in Ruby and Java, which are easy to extend and play with.
  • A screen cast – it explains step-by-step on how to extend the JVM language.

The Tools You Need

To create your own programming language, you require tools like Yacc or JavaCC. JavaCC which implies java complier is an open source parser generator for the programming language of Java. Javacc and Yacc resemble in a way that they generate a parser for a formal grammar provided in EBNF notation, except that the output is a java source code. Javacc also generates top-down parsers which limits it to the LL (K) class of grammar. A Javacc is a tool for transforming and creating a parser with java source code for checking source code syntax, from rules you define as being grammar.

create your own programming language

No matter what language we put in use, we eventually need to convert our program into machine that the computer can easily understand. This can be done in two ways which include: to compile the program (for example C/C++) and to interpret the program (for example Perl). Buy this product (create your first programming language), install it and start creating your own programming language and see whether it works for you. If it doesn’t work, you have a two month money back guarantee but if you are interested and it works for you, sign up for only $39.99.

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