How To Faster Charge Your Android Smartphone?

The battery life on a smartphone is one of the most frustrating things to maintain. If you managed to discharge your phone to a level where you need to charge it no matter what, here are some tips on charging your phone. You know you’ve had those times when you cannot let your phone charge in peace while you’re sleeping or doing something else, so these are tips for when you will find yourself in that type of situation again.

How do you charge it?

We strongly suggest using a wall socket for charging, rather than plugging your phone into a computer or laptop. The phone will be charging faster and thus, you won’t be late to any meeting you need to go. The charging speed is slowed down by a PC and wireless charging is out of the discussion. Also, if you can, charge your phone with its original charger, even though most Android smartphones can be charged by the same type of charger.

Use Airplane Mode

If you’re in a hurry, then we recommend turning your phone to Airplane Mode. This feature won’t let you receive any internet access as well as no calls and messages but your phone will charge way faster and you will be left with some battery to last you a few more hours until you can properly charge your device. To activate this feature, you will either need to hold on the main button and activate the feature that appears, or you may need to scroll down the Quick Settings menu that your phone provides. If neither work for your smartphone, you can go to the Settings menu and figure out there how to turn on the feature.

How To Faster Charge Your Android Smartphone 2

Just turn it off

Airplane mode is great, but if you don’t actually need your phone for the next 20 minutes or whatever time you have left to charge the phone, we recommend shutting the phone off. You won’t have access to your phone, but the charging process will definitely be speeded up.

Turn off unnecessary apps

This is a golden tip that you should take advantage of if you’re trying to save your battery, not only when you’re trying to charge your phone at a higher speed. Check the Quick Settings menu and close whatever feature you have turned on like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and GPS to make sure you’re not wasting battery usage for nothing. Also, hold the home button to erase any unused apps, which will also help you in this process. When you are done charging your phone, you can turn anything you need back on.

Leave it alone

As you may know, the screen resolution and pixel density tends to take most of the battery capacity, so if you need to keep your phone on and off Airplane mode, at least try to not touch your phone while charging. If you have a phone call or a message to respond to, turn your brightness to 0% and hope that the battery will charge in these conditions as well.


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