How To Get WhatsApp on Your Tablet

One of the most popular Apps out there right now is WhatsApp. Almost everybody is using it, your friends, your teachers and even your grand parents. The problem is that if you own a tablet, installing is a little tricky because WhatsApp is not compatible with tablets by default. There are some ways of making WhatsApp work on your tablet, like rooting your device, but there is one that works really well. Some methods require you to download another app, or install an .apk file, but this method is pretty simple and straight forward.

Using this method you will make a new and unique WhatsAPp account, but if you want to use your old one I included the way to do that at the end of this article.

  • First step you have to go to WhatsWapp web-site and download the “WhatsAPp .apk” file. If you don’t want to be redirect to Google Play Store you should use Chrome or Firefox and then request the Desktop site. After this you need to click on the Android download and the “.apk” file will be automatically downloaded to your tablet.
  • You need to make sure you can install Unknown Sources. To be sure you need to head over to Settings>Security>Unknown Sources. Doing this will allow the .apk files to be installed on your tablet. And, be always be careful of what you download and install.
  • Next thing, you need to install TextPlus on your device (or a similar app that you can get in your region). What this app does is, it allows you to get SMS messages on your tablet and it authorizes WhatsApp.

Get WhatsApp on Your Tablet 2

  • Now, you will need to send a text message to one of your friends ( or even to your own phone if you choose to) using TextPlus, so you get your tablets number. Or you can go to Settings>Contact Info and get the tablets number from there.
  • You can go ahead and install the “WhatsApp.apk”.
  • You can follow the install instructions. At some point it will ask you for a number to authorize the app, you need to enter your TextPlus number, that you just find out in the previous step. The authentication will not happen automatically, but you are going to receive a text message that contains a code you can use to authorize the app.
  • After you are finished authorizing the app you can just set your WhatsApp account to normal.
  • And that’s it, now you have WhatsApp on your tablet.
  • As I’ve said at the beginning of the article, after the install you will have a new account for WhatsApp. If you want to use the same account you had on your smart phone you can do that by entering your phone number instead of the tablet number in step number six. The authorization will have the same steps, the only thing different is the account you will use. Worth mentioning is that if you choose to use your smart phone’s account on your tablet, the account will stop being active on your smart phone.
  • Different methods of authorizing WhatsApp on your tablet include rooting your device and your Android phone, but this one is the simplest method and it has worked for me.


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