How to hide tweets without unfollowing?

When a person is too noisy on your twitter stream and you don’t want to unfollow them. Or whatever twitter account you want to hide without unfollowing it. You can hide those accounts and their tweets. It’s not cool when they cloud your tweet stream with their noisy tweets or whatever. Adblock plus does this job really good. You can hide as many of them as you want.

To read their tweets again, disable the Adblock just on twitter and their tweets are visible again.

This post only talks about hiding tweets on Browsers. Tweetdeck has a block feature that does this job. We are only going to talk about how to get this done on browsers – Firefox and Chrome. Not sure about adblock plus available on opera. If it does, it should work on Opera as well.

Before getting to using Adblock plus, let’s see a new extension that makes hiding a person, or any word like hashtag, a breeze. The extension is Open Tweet Filter. Get it for Chrome here and Firefox here (direct download). For Safari, from this download page (you can also find for Chrome on this page, new versions).

Once installed, when you open twitter, you see a notification saying to access it from settings. The extension adds itself to the twitter settings drop down list, filters. It’s from where you open it. (image below)

psst open tweet filter

open tweet stream - filter

Once it’s fired up, it has 2 fields up and down. The first field is where you enter hashtags, words or anything to filter tweets containing those hide words/phrases.

Second field is where you enter the names of the person whose tweets you want to hide, or hide those tweet without unfollowing them. Entering names without @ will do.

open tweet stream - settings

As you type on the fields, it hides immediately as there are no “save” or “ok” button to set the changes,  Clear to clear the fields, and disable to turn off the extension. You can toggle including and excluding, so to only show those tweet on your stream, containing a certain word/phrase or from certain people (friends), you can do it with including. Excluding is what we use here to exclude tweets.

That’s it for the Open tweet filter. If you are a Adblock plus power user and want to know how to do this with Adblock plus, read on…

How to hide tweets from people without unfollowing them with Adblock Plus?

Step 1:

(if you already have adblock plus and element hiding helper installed, skip to step 2)

Get Adblock plus and the element hiding helper addon for Firefox here & here and extension for chrome here. Install it.

For firefox there isn’t adblock plus combined with element hiding helper in a single installation. You got to download element hiding helper after installing adblock plus. For chrome a combined single installation is available.

Once you have installed both adblock and element hiding helper, you are all set.

Step 2:

On the twitter, open the Adblock “select element to hide”. Select on any one of the tweet from a person you want to hide.


Let’s say I want to hide all tweets from CNET (maybe temporarily for now). Click on Adblock plus icon and open “select element to hide”. Now hover the mouse cursor over a tweet as shown in the image above. Click on it. This opens a new window,


Uncheck the default option and check “data-user-id: xxxxxxxx” or screen name. Click on “Add element hiding rule” and you are done!

No more tweets from CNET on my twitter stream now. You can get it back, by disabling adblock on twitter.

Now all the tweets from the twitter accounts you hid are back again on screen!

I did a quick video to demonstrate this, there is no audio and no captions, but I hope this will help you to see this in action.


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