How to restore lost or removed contacts in gmail?

If  you have unknowingly removed a contact and want it back or looking for a contact that you are sure you had before but can’t find it in the contact list, no worries. Gmail can restore your contacts back within the past 30 days. This is a great way to recover deleted contacts, undo an import, or undo a merge. Gmail saves all the contacts for you even after their removal, and all you have to do to get back all the contacts you need is to go to the contacts tab. Click on Gmail with a drop down arrow next to it, and click Contacts as shown in the image left to open contacts.

Now on the contacts tab ,click on more and click on Restore Contacts as shown in the image below.


Next, choose what time you want to restore to. You can restore your contact list to the state it was in at any point within the past 30 days.

Choose the time to restore to and hit Restore. You will see a notification after it has rolled back. You can as well as undo it, just like the mailing the notification bar stays there for a while.

To undo later just run the restore process all over again to restore the contacts to the time when you want. The chats contacts are restored if its deleted within the past 24 hours, if not you have re-invite them again.

This is yet another nice feature from the gmail team. Glad that its not part of the labs, that you have to enable it to use.

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