How to root Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 on Android Jelly Bean


In this post we are going to talk about rooting Samsung galaxy Note 2 N7100 on android jelly bean. The method I am going to talk about is the chainfire auto root method. This is fairly quick and an easy method. Before getting into the process, let me warn you that follow everything closely before rooting, as this could be dangerous to your phone as this rooting method doesn’t work with different phone brands and models, and Knolpad doesn’t take any responsibility for your phone data loss. So with that out of the way, lets begin rooting Samsung Galaxy 2 N7100,

The procedure:

1. Download 2 files – Odin flashing software and Chainfire Auto rooting package. on your PC.

2. You will now have 2 zip files, extract them to a folder.

3. Power off your phone now.

4. Now start the phone in the download mode by pressing volume down button, power button and home button, if you see a warning sign on your phone screen its going to be booted in the download mode.

5. Now press the volume up button to confirm entering into the download mode.

6. Now your phone is ready to flash. On you PC launch Odin program,

7. Plugin the phone to your PC.

8. Now Odin detects when the phone is connected and once it’s connected you will see Added message in the message box as shown below,


9. Now click the PDA button, it will prompt for files to be added, select the md5 file in the Chainfire folder that you extracted in Step 2.

10. Now press the start button and Odin will now start flashing your phone, wait for it.

11. You will see a “Pass” message indicating that your rooting is successful.

12. Now you phone will also reboot, and shows processing commands on the screen, all this is an indication of a successful rooting.

13. You can unplug your phone from pc, you should see a SuperSU app on your apps list, this means the phone is rooted!

That’s it.

If you prefer a video explanation, I have embedded a video from explaining this simple process,

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