How to Scrobble Music Videos from YouTube to Last FM

Youtube is the place to listen to music, as it almost has all the music tracks. The music artists are themselves there and share their latest music. But these music discovery alone isn’t enough to learn more about other tracks based on the tracks you have listened. That recommendation of music based on the tracks you have listened is what calls Scrobbling.

How about enabling scrobbling of all your Youtube music listening and recommend you tracks that you might have never heard before and you will like it? That’s where this Userscript Scrobble Smurf comes into the picture.

Scrobble Smurfs takes all you Youtube music listening data and sends it to your account, that helps list you all other music tracks that you will like it.

Let’s put this script into action. First install the script. You should have greasemonkey on firefox or tampermonkey on chrome. Once you got these script engines installed, now install the script from it’s page.


If you already have account you should have their desktop application, scrobbler, that does scrobbling and recommending you music. if you don’t have their desktop client you can get it here.

Now you have all things set in place, ready to send your Youtube listening and get more to listen. Let’s take a look at how to get the ScrobbleSmurf to work.

First, when you visit Youtube now, you see icon, which is the ScrobbleSmurf menu. Click on it to get the menu where you can set options about scrobbling.


To activate this script, you must authenticate ScrobbleSmurf to connect to your account. Grant access and reload youtube, now you are all set to put this script to work. I am listening to Coldplay – Paradise song on youtube and want it to scrobble.


As you can see on the Youtube that the ScrobbleSmurf is set to scrobble in some few seconds. You can click on the option to set how much of scrobbling you want to do. It’s set at 50%, which means it scrobbles 50% of the video you listen to. You can change this value. And there’s nothing more other than just put this script to work and see if it can actually do the scobbling for you.


The script works, as the song Paradise by Coldplay has been scrobbled successfully to my account. Now it’s time for to put this data for recommendation.

Happy Scrobbling Youtube!

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