How to search Android Market for apps from Chomp? after its acquisition by Apple removed searching from Android Market or Google Play on its site.

The Chomp page before the acquisition looked like this, [image unavailable]

Now after the Apple acquisition, the page looks like this, [image unavailable]

I hope its just temporary, or the page will soon redirect to Apple Market page, I don’t know.

I found a easy temporary hack that still lets you search the Android Market for apps using Chomp. This is just for the website, not sure about their app.

When you do a search for let’s say “restaurant guides” on now,, you can either search for iphone or ipad. The search page’s URL looks will look like,

To get the apps for Android from the Google Play of their last updated database, just change the platform=iphone to platform=android.

That’s it.

Edit: March 31st 2013 redirected to months ago, is now not loading, though its blog is live, last post dated February of 2012.

chomp app

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