How to send Fax from your computer for Free


Last time I had to send a fax to an affiliate network, i had to fax my W8-Ben form through a faxing service center as I don’t have a faxing machine. I did not even think that you can send from your home using your PC or Mac from an online faxing service for free using the¬†faxing service

Or in my case the fax page to be sent was just 1, then I would go with PamFax. You can register for free and get $0.38 credited to you to send up to 3 free fax pages for one fax number and doesn’t have the senders logo on pages.

Sending Faxes for Free with a logo of the sender

The free faxing, the FaxZero service provides is with the fax zero logo added on the top of the page that your receiver would see, (image below) without logo it would cost $2 per fax. It’s hard to believe that over 7 million faxes has been sent through this service already.


The site is also featured on reputed sites.  All you know initially once you get there is that you upload a document and the fax number to send to. They support the documents such as Doc, Docx, PDF, Xls, Xlsx, Html, Jpeg, RTF, and whole lot others . But how do they send these faxes? Automatically or manually?


I got the answer to how they do it question by seeing that they are partnering with Metro Hi Speed, at You can directly use the if you had to fax like 500 faxes a month as they got payment plans starting at 500 faxes at $8 a month. But for occasional faxes, sending it for free is fine as long as you know the receiver wouldn’t mind the extra logo added on the top of the first page.

Also the free faxing is limited to 5 faxes per day, that is you can send 5 faxes with an email, from an IP. And is limited to 3 pages. You can send to almost any country as well.

How does it work?

As soon as you enter your name, email, receivers name & fax number, upload the document, add message notes if any, enter the captcha and hit submit, you are sent a confirmation email. It doesn’t send the fax unless you confirm it and you can know once the fax is sent. So this is all done automatically and none reads what you have to fax, it works just like an email.

You don’t have to worry about the senders receiving spam or junk faxes, as the owners are legit.


Faxing won’t be dead as people can’t work without papers and even though computers has changed a lot in how information are filed and paper works are carried out, some paper works like a legal form has to be on the paper, and it will be how the people will work for atleast 20-30 years from now, untill everything is digitalized.

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