How to Setup Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) with Userplane

This tutorial is to connect an audio source’s output as an Userplane mic input. So that you can stream audio to Userplane directly from the source without using just the microphone that will stream the noises you make added to that is the feedback the mic receives from the speaker.

Just these 2 Steps first (do it in any order),

Step 1:

To get started, first lets get the audio source ready. I am going to use Winamp’s output. If you don’t have Winamp installed, you can download it from here. Why Winamp? That’s because you can select where the audio output stream goes, is it to the speakers or headphone or in this case a virtual cable. You can use any multimedia player that allows you to do that. Winamp is close to my heart, been using it for 10 years now and used it with Virtual Audio Cable or VAC before, so I chose Winamp.

Step 2:

Before we continue, you need to install VAC, so that it is available as an option when are selecting for the sound driver to use in Winamp. VAC is available as a trial version which you can download it here.  Installing VAC will allow you to choose it as the sound driver. You can imagine this process as, unplugging the default sound driver cable and plugging in a Virtual audio cable in its place on the Winamp panel.

Getting the VAC ready

Now, you have installed the VAC, lets open the control panel from the installed location. (Start > All Programs > Virtual Audio Cable > Control Panel).

virtual audio cable control panel

(click on the image for full view)

As you can see from the image above, a virtual cable is already set, this setting comes with the installation. if it doesn’t set a cable for you, set one as in the image above.

Now the VAC is ready to use. Let’s move on to the Winamp panel, to unplug the speaker cable and plug in this virtual cable.

Getting the Winamp Panel ready:

Open Winamp, go to preferences from the options menu, or Ctrl + p to open the preference window.

winamp preference

As shown in the image above, select the Output under the Plug-ins on the left side and let the default output selection remain. Click on the Configure to being its configuration window, where we will be unplugging this output.


The Virtual audio cable is now available on the list of output devices to send the music stream. Select it, click Apply and OK. Now your Winamp is configured to send the songs steam to VAC instead of default output sound driver. You can undo this and select the Primary sound driver to get the winamp to play music to your headphones or speaker. Now it wont play on the speaker. You just unplugged the default sound driver cable and plugged in the VAC.

Getting it to work on Userplane.

All prerequisites for streaming to Userplane is set up. Now on to get this to work on Userplane chatroom or IM.

Click on the settings to open the Adobe Flash player settings, click on the microphone icon to select it. And from the dropdown, look for Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable) and select it.


Play any song track on Winamp now, to see the VAC equalizer getting songs input, as shown in the image below,


Now it’s show time or streaming time. You have now successfully unplugged the default sound driver cable and plugged in the Virtual cable on the Winamp panel, which is streaming music to the userplane.

Now all you have to do is turn on the Audio, before the settings as seen from the image above the previous image.

If you are in the chatroom, you can click on your own profile to listen to this song. Or use Audio repeater that comes with the VAC installation, and choose it to repeat the VAC stream to your headphones.

This is how you stream music directly to the userplane and enjoy some time with your friends on the chatroom or on the Instant messenger session. You can always change unplug the VAC and plug in the default primary sound driver to listen on your headphones.

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