How to slow down a fast running animated GIF and vice versa

I previously wrote how to create an animated GIF with Libav, with just that one tool and no other external tool. In this article I want to cover, how to slow down a fast running animated GIF and how to speed up slowly moving animated GIF,

How to slow down a fast running animated GIF and vice versa

This GIF image below is a fast running one. Let’s see how to slow it down with Libav.



1> Get this tool – GIF frame extractor to extract all the frames in the image above or your animated GIF image.

2> Open the tool, and then open your animated GIF. Click Save all, to export all the frames to a folder. As you can see in the image below, there are 10 frames in this animated GIF,

animated gif extractor

 STEP 2:

1> Download Libav, if you haven’t done it already.

To download it for Windows 32-bit, get it here. 64-bit version can be downloaded from here.

It’s compressed with 7zip, which you can get it here, if you don’t have Winrar or 7zip extractor.

Extract it to a folder, you would likely to remember. Mine is on the C:\libav-win32-20130610\

2> Copy the folder you saved all your animated GIF’s frames. I saved it mine on the C:\libav-win32-20130610\usr\bin\output folder.

3> Open the command prompt window at bin folder, found at C:\libav-win32-20130610\usr\bin, and execute the command below,


The delay filter sets the delay. For a faster moving, the value is between 1 to 10ms, for slower its 50 or more milliseconds.

Since the extracted frames are just static JPGs, its easier to make it either faster or slower with the delay filter. For example, setting the delay to 5 ms, makes the GIF image on the top run even faster.

So, here’s the slowest version of it,


The original version again,


So, you will have to extract the GIF to individual frame images, and then convert it to animated GIF. Set the delay to slow it down or make it faster. That’s it.

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