How to turn off Youtube search suggestion from history?

You might have noticed while searching on  Youtube, it suggests searches from your history on the first 2 spots before the computed suggestion shows. Sometimes it shows the searches that you don’t want to search again. Clicking on Dismiss doesn’t get that rid off. The unwanted search keeps showing up. This could be embarrassing when someone, that often don’t have their own account wants to use Youtube on your computer for sometime. Awkward moment! So whats the fix?

Youtube have been saving all the search queries that you search, as a search history just like saving videos on the videos history on your account, about weeks ago.  Now, just like how you can pause the videos history, you can pause the search history as well. To do that on your Youtube home screen,

  1. Click on your Username on the top right side of the screen.
  2. Click on Video Manager (see image below)
  3. On the Video Manager screen, click on Search History below the History, on the left side of the screen.
  4. Now Search History page opens up. You could as well go directly to this page, by opening this page up –
  5. The searches are all saved here. You could delete the searches by checking it individually and then Remove it, or click on “Clear all search history” to remove it all.

  6. Now to totally turn off this Search History feature, click on the “Pause Search History”.  It pauses the search history until you resume it, and won’t save these searches anymore on your account, and a fully removed search history will now ensure that these searches from the history won’t appear on the search box suggest list.

Note: It would take up to a day, for these Search Histories to stop appearing on your Search Suggest list.

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