How to use Blekko as backlink checker and seo tool?

As yahoo site explorer is shutdown long back ago, there is always a quest of finding the next backlinks explorer tool that just gets the job done. You should be already using one of the paid or free but limited solution. Seo spyglass is one paid tool that is good but is expensive at $99.75 for a budding webmaster.

So what I want to point out to you is the free solution and is the best tool I have been using and liking it. It is Lets see how to use it to get the link data for any site that you want, which is the best free alternative to yahoo site explorer.

Blekko is a search engine that allows users have an editorial choice in an algorithmic computed search result The above word cloud image, summarizes Blekko’s mission.

You see the words “seo data” and “link data” there. This is what this post is going to talk about from here on.

To use the SEO tools you need to have an account. Its a simple and fast registration. I am surprised there isn’t even a captcha on the registration form.

Login and then start doing some seo analysis. Lets take a look at the SEO commands to type in, to get some results.

Lets say we want to do an seo analysis on the site,, which is a dummy domain for the sake of this example. It doesn’t matter that you have to type with www or not, the results would give the data for both www and without www.

To do a SEO analysis, you would type in “ /seo” which would bring up results that has inbound links count, total links displayed in a pie chart segmented by the US states and Countries. Next, you can view domains with duplicate content, when blekko last crawled the site, and information on the sites that are found on the same server as your “ or whatever site you are running the SEO analysis for. This is also a good tool to find what sites are sharing the same ip aka the reverse ip search.

Click on the link count to get the backlink data. or get the link data right away with the search “ /domainlinks”

You can drill down further by clicking on the link count for each domain to see which pages are linking out to your competitor site.

You can sort the results by link count, or host rank. Host rank is a measure of domain authority. The more it is, the more domain authority the site has.

That’s it! The best free yahoo explorer alternative and even better than it for seo analysis, So all I can believe is Blekko gets more attention from the seo community which it deserves :)

 Edit: 28th March 2013

Seems that your Blekko account needs to have an SEO subscription to continue doing competition research. Also it’s closed for new registration.


Check AHrefs, if you don’t know it already.


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