How To Use Multi Window Feature For Samsung Devices

For those who are new to the concept, the Multi Window is a feature implemented by Samsung on its devices that allows you to have two applications open on the screen at the same time. This is a great way to multitask as you can do many things with it, like sending a quick text while watching a video, for example. This feature has been part of the Samsung deal for quite some time now, and you can find it on pretty much on every Samsung device since the Samsung Galaxy S3.

To activate this feature, you can go to your Quick Settings screen, which you access by pulling down the notification bar, only instead of using just one finger, this time use two fingers. From the Quick Settings screen that appears, go ahead and tap on the Multi Window option so it will be highlighted. Next, you must enable the feature, and you do this by holding down the Back button on your device. When the feature is enabled, you should see a small arrow on the left side of the screen.

You can see which of your installed applications support the Multi Window feature by dragging the little arrow on the left side of the screen to the right. This will open up a list of supported apps. Not all apps are compatible with this feature, both most popular and used apps are. If you want to add new apps to the list, simply scroll down and then hit the arrow, and then choose Edit. You start using the Multi Window option by dragging any two apps you desire from the list on to the screen. You can resize the two apps to fit your need by dragging the circle on the parting line between the apps. Also, you can save a combination that you use frequently, the apps and the way they are resized on the screen during Multi View, by going to the little arrow symbol on the Multi View app list, and then selecting the option Create Button. If you are done with using Multi View and the little arrow on the left side of the screen has become an inconvenience, simply hold down your Back key to remove it.

How To Use Multi Window Feature For Samsung Devices 2

This feature has been around since the Galaxy S3, and pretty much any device since that came with this feature, including Samsung’s tablets. On tablet devices, adding up to 4 apps in the Multi View screen is possible.

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