HTC One M8 Guide and Installation For Android 4.4.3

As everyone is awaiting the Android L release, HTC One M8 users have a reason to be happy. It is reported that HTC is working hard to make the Android 4.4.3 update available for its M8 users, as more information about the 4.4.3 Android gets out. The company is reportedly awaiting the release of Google’s Android L, so that might come shortly after its release as  well, but right now, the soon-to-come update is 4.4.3. Google plans on releasing the L update later this year.

Google has got around releasing the 4.4.3 and 4.4.4 updates for the Android OS back in June, but to this day, there seem to be devices that haven’t received the update yet. Users generally receive Android updates depending on their mobile carriers, as those using a Sprint HTC One M8 or M7 already got their hands on the latest build of the operating system. While this is so, the other HTC One M8 users didn’t get a chance to upgrade their devices to Android 4.4.3 (or 4.4.4, obviously), but promises of that happening suggest it will happen this month, or next month in September.

The AT&T version of the M8 will probably drop somewhere in the middle of August, as reports suggest, while it is also believed that HTC has carried out talks with T-Mobile, gaining their technical approval to start working on the T-Mobile updates for Android 4.4.3/4.4.4, meaning that the update shouldn’t be much more time away from users’ grasps.

Although the 4.4.3 version of the Android operating system is no longer the newest, it still manages to gain a large amount of attention. The latest update, Android 4.4.4, manages to get a bit of the spotlight back, but in a negative way, as word has spread of the bug infestation it brings along. These can be observed on devices bearing the update, such as the Nexus 5, which has been reported to experience app crashes, battery life issues, and random boots. Currently, Android users have no permanent  fix or solution for these problem, as no official problem-fixer has surfaced from Google. In regards to both the Android 4.4.4 update problems and the release date for the anticipated Android L, Google has currently made no official declaration.

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