Huge Hard Drive Launched By Seagate – Would You Believe One Of 8TB?

If you’ve kept away from the tech world, you’ll be amazed of what’s happening at the moment.  What was once considered spacious, is now just insufficient, as standards grow every year. There was a time not too long ago when 6 TB of memory was considered insanely huge, but now it’s time to pass the spotlight over to the new champion. The manufacturer behind it is Seagate, and it announced that it is about to ship an 8 TB hard drive of 3.5 inches . That’s 2 extra Terabytes that you can fill practically anything, or better said, everything! The new hard drive is awaiting the pretentious consumers in need of insanely huge amounts of memory.

The hard disk is a SATA 3 type, 3.5 inch unit, which favors high-end consumers. It’s multi RV tolerance is bound to rise performance levels, as the disk is well suited for heavy backup and recovery, as well as cloud computing.

The 8TB SATA 3 HDD comes in aid of IT managers searching for a solution that can help them with improving the data density for their data centers. At an enterprise level, data grows very fast and such high quality disks are needed to sustain the whole infrastructure.

With a SATA 6GB/s interface, the unit can be easily implemented. Further technical specifications are still out of our reach, but it is believed that it will have no problem in sustaining a top-business level of performance. For those who implemented cloud storage into their working process, this new HDD will prove quite cost effective due to its high capacity. It will also be able to support archive workloads.

As we are patiently waiting for new information related to the HDD that will set the bar in terms of capacity and quality, we have no official specifications list from the HDD’s manufacturer, Seagate. What we do know, however, is the fact the drive will feature no less than 8 full TB of memory, and that the product will be initially aimed for high-class enterprise consumers. The product will be made available to a wider range of customers a little bit later, probably within the next quarter. The product is said to be available for all enterprise customers by fall. No official pricing has been listed, although the huge capacity and the 6GB/s interface pretty much points towards a price less than budget-friendly. Until more official details emerge, we will have to entertain ourselves with what we know.

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