Instant access to the best websites related to the site you are browsing!


There are some sites that provide the service of finding related sites to a site you use, is one of them and that stands out with it’s good database of sites that you would find useful and valuable and some times the list would be like you know all these sites already. So lets start with the site first and explore how we can make sure of this service from the browser extension that are available.

For example searching for, returns a list of sites that provides whois lookup services and is a good source when your favorite site goes down, you can always have a backup of the similar sites that can get the job done.

So, now lets start taking a look at the firefox extension which has been featured in the firefox marketplace for this week. Installation of the plugin is the same usual routine, you can run it without restarting firefox, which is annoying as always. The plugin creates an icon next to search bar on the right most on the browser.


Now it’s time to put the plugin to test. The plugin works by showing you related sites to the site you are already on. For example lets go to and click on the icon to see what the list shows,


The results are shown quickly faster than it would take me to guess all. But how come an image sharer makes it to this list? just because reddit users use it? So you’d get such results as well.

Clicking “Get more results” takes it to the page on its site where it lists out all other similar sites. Though not as needy as having a browser plugin to find similar sites, just knowing helps. You can get the firefox extension here and chrome extension here.

I expected for an easter egg, searching itself but it returned some list as well.


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