iOS 8 Beta 3 Alleged Top Features

As we hear from BGR, the tech giant Apple has released the iOS 8 Beta 3 version of the operating system which is meant to fix some bugs, as any beta version does, but also improve and bring some new features to the OS. This version of the OS is only available for iPhones, iPads and iPods (Touch) which might not make it so convenient for the common user to pay 99 dollars/year for the Beta 3.

That being said, the Beta version does come with some interesting features included which, if you are an enthusiast for Apple devices, you might want to check out. Keep in mind, checking up a Beta for an OS almost always comes with bugs (while the version is meant to fix some bugs, other may appear on the way) so don’t hesitate to reinstall iOS 7.1 if you’re not so sure about this.

Let’s see exactly what the iOS 8 Beta 3 has in store for us.


One of the most remarkable changes that Apple brought with the Beta 3 is about the iCloud. In the iCloud Drive settings menu there will be included an iCloud Drive icon which will be way easier to work with. You can turn off/on a ‘switch’ to change up if you want to store documents from certain apps in the Cloud or not.

Health and fitness apps: the M7 co-processor

iPhones will now be able to collect their own data when it comes to health and fitness, getting independence from the upcoming iWatch technology to provide this information. With the help of the M7 co-processor, the device can track your steps, distance walked and more.

Recycle Bin for iOS

Haven’t you any time felt the need of something resembling the Recycle Bin on your iOS device? Well, Apple took care of that problem. Keep in mind that this Recycle Bin is not exactly the same: it is only available for photos and they can only be retrieved for a period of time. Another change regarding photos that Apple made is renaming “Shared Photo Streams” into “Shared Albums”.

Weather Channel reinvented

Apple sharpened up their Weather app, the Beta 3 version bringing up a new color scheme of grey and white with very nice aligned (on the center) data. Getting into your notification center, you will some small changes there as well.

Audio/Video Messages

While with previous versions of the operating system you couldn’t save the audio or video messages you sent (for memory clearing porpoises), the iOS 8 Beta 3 changes that up leaving you with the option to keep them.

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