iOS 8 – What steps you have to get through to prepare for the update?

Apple worked hard on their new operating system so that they can give you the most pleasant user experience there is. iOS 8 is going to bring a lot of color and cool features into your life, but it will also have a (even better) security system. The new OS won’t let any location trackers to get data from your device, as well as it will detect any spam and adverts coming your way. If you’re eager to get the iOS 8, here’s what you should do to prepare for the update.

1. Having the right device

If you have an older Apple device, we’re sorry to say that it will not do. Apple tried to make the iOS 8 available for as many devices as possible, and the ones that made the final list are: iPad 2, iPad Retina, iPad Mini Retina, iPad Mini, iPoud touch – 5th generation, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

2. Clearing your phone of unnecessary files

iOS 8 will need as much space as you give it. So, try to make a full evaluation of your device. Think about which apps you don’t use anymore: you haven’t been using them in the last two weeks, you probably won’t use them in the future either. If you already don’t have that many apps, try deleting any images, videos or other files to clear your handset even more in preparation for the new operating system.

3. Backing up your content

We strongly advise to back up any file on your device, just in case. You can either save them on your computer with the help of iTunes or you can use the Cloud. Go to Settings – iCloud – Storage & Backup. Here change the options to green and choose “Back Up Now” to start the process.

4. Pay the Settings menu a visit

Take a look at your Settings menu. Keep in mind what you set as preferences, because, naturally, the iOS 8 will reset your Settings. There might be an option or two that you forgot you even activated, so it’s just a precaution measure.

5. The new iTunes version

Apple will release a new iTunes version before the iOS 8 being released itself, a version that is compatible with this upgrade. You might want to look for apps that are being updated especially for iOS 8 and get those too.

This is just a friendly advice : you may want to wait 24-72 hours before downloading the iOS 8 update, because we can bet that millions of users will want the update so badly that will start the process exactly when Apple makes it available. We advise waiting because this will surely cause slow downloads and even download troubles.

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