iOS Beta 4 Released by Apple for Developers – New Features and Apps

Developers have received the fourth beta version of iOS 8. The release of the fourth beta versions has come quite early considering that the third beta version of iOS 8 has come out just two weeks earlier. The third beta version of iOS 8 scored very high on their early tests that consisted of stability and refinement verification.

MacRumours have stated that if you are an apple user you should not expect too much from the fourth beta version of the iOS8, there will not be something special to come from it. The fourth version of iOS8 is all about bringing tweaks and enhancements to make the iOS8 work faster and be more stable as well. One of the new feature that it will bring is the new Tips application. Apple has said before that they will like to add this app to the iOS8. Now the developers have the chance to give the app a try.

The app will do exactly what its name says, it will give tips to the user. This app is orientated more to the new users of iOS. The app will act as a guide on how to use your iPad or iPhone to their best performance. They said that the app will receive updates every week. This app will be able to teach the users a lot of things, for example how to send messages using Siri. The Tips app will also have the option of sharing tips on social media, messages or emails.

Another feature of the beta 4 is the “keep messages” feature. What this feature does is that you can select to keep message for a specific amount of time that you choose. This beta iOS also has the feature of voice transcription streaming to messages, which can be very useful at times.

Gsmarena has reported that the Bugs Reports app will be deleted from the fourth beta iOS 8.

There will be a cleaner interface for the Control Center, also the black border around the button will be gone. The Display & Brightness tab will be added to the settings tab..


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