iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 Release Date Lowering Old iPads to $200

It is speculated that Apple has begun production on the next installments for two of its tablet lines, the iPad Air and the iPad Mini. Speculations about the possibility of these devices hitting the shelves worldwide not too far from now started from the recent price drops of the current generations of the Apple devices.

Taking a look at what AT&T is offering lately, we see that they are ready to sell their customers second generation iPad Mini tablets for no more than $200, of course, upon agreeing to a two-year contract with the carrier. The same two-year contract with AT &T can get you the original iPad Air for $329. In both cases, the featured versions of the two tablets are the 16 GB variants.

If you agree to a two-year deal with AT&T, you can get one of the two tablets for the significantly lower price tags, and that’s it, right? Wrong. To get a hold of the deal, you must secure one of AT&T’s iPhone 5S or 5C packages for your next plan. This ensures that AT&T will figure on your monthly expenses list for another two years. The cost of the 5S or 5C will be spread across several months, to further lure in potential customers.

On a regular basis, you can get the iPad Mini 2 for around $430, while the iPad Air would normally set you back about $530, meaning that by taking this dealing, you will have the chance to snatch a new iPad, whichever version you like, with a $200 discount. This seems tempting indeed, especially if you’ve been dreaming about having a new iPad for a long time, but while you approach the point of no return, be advised and remember that this kind of deals usually span out of nowhere when there is a much bigger and better “something”, on the brink of getting released, meaning that you might regret not waiting a few more months. It’s already been a long time, right? What’s a few more months? Most probably on the horizon are the new installments for the device models in question, the iPad Air and the iPad Mini 2, meaning that it might be a relatively short time before we’ve got the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 on our hands.

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