iPad Air 2 Gorgeous Features, Includes 2GB RAM Upgrade- iWatch Working By Itself

The current generation of iPad Air from Apple features only 1 GB of RAM, but if recent reports are any guide, it seems like the new generation, the iPad Air 2 which will also house a pretty big 9.7 inch display, will come with a significant boost in this department, housing 2 GB of RAM instead of just 1.

This is a pretty important upgrade considering we’re talking about Apple, which doesn’t seem to put too much emphasis on RAM when it comes to its devices. Not only does the original iPad Air tablet house just 1 GB of RAM, but so does the iPad Mini 2, and even the following iPad Mini 3. These details are courtesy of Phone Arena. Improvements are, however, found in the upcoming cycle of Apple tablets, as the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 share certain upgrade similarities. To be more specific, both devices will rock Apple’s superior A8 chip, and also feature the Touch ID technology. This means that the Home button on both devices will feature a fingerprint scanner. This function has been discussed for quite some time, and even certain photos and prototypes have leaked and made their way on the internet.

An event will take place on September 9, where Apple will most likely unveil their long-awaited iPhone 6 device (the smaller, 4.7 inch version), but for those waiting for the bigger, 5.5 inch iPhone 6, or one of the upcoming tablets, the iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 3, you will probably have to wait a little longer, as these devices are speculated to make their entrance during the month of October.

Smartphones and tablet devices aren’t the only things cooking in Apple’s oven, as recent reports also mention the development of the iWatch. It seems as Apple is following the trend of intelligent watches, like the ones Samsung for example already put out for some time. The iWatch is set to feature 512 MB of RAM, and 8 GB of internal memory. If you’re wondering what for, you might be delighted to find out that the iWatch will be a standalone gadget, meaning that it will function independently and will not require you to sync it with another device, like your smartphone for example. Although there are certainties of this product’s existence, there is no available information regarding the release date at this time. Some say October might be the bearer of this gadget’s release, while others speculate a 2015 debut.

Several internal components of the upcoming iPad Air 2 were displayed through leaked images, via a French news website called iPhonote. The parts include the device’s GPS antenna, Wifi connection module, as well as the microphone. These came as a first in terms of iPad Air 2 leaks, although the other device coming soon from Apple, the iPhone 6, which also more anticipated, has a large amount of leaks under its belt.

A few specifications include an anti-reflective coating, a fingerprint scanner, and of course the upgraded 2 GB of RAM, all within a thinner chassis. Although it sounds good, it currently passes as a rumor, as Apple has not yet confirmed any of these.


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