iPad Air 2 Gorgeous Specs and Mouth Shouting Graphics

Apple’s new tablet, the iPad Air 2 promises to wow the tech world with features like 4K Ultra HD resolution and console-level graphics.

All year people have been talking about the iPad Air 2 and what effect it will have on the market. People already thought of the tablet as a game changer, even when there weren’t any leaks about what the device will bring to the table. Now we know that the iPad will have a killer Ultra HD resolution of 4K as well as the Metal API feature that will change the market standard for tablets.

Inquisitr made the following statement: “This new tablet could actually be one that could pull gamers aware from the usual video game formats. If Apple could also put out a controller that works perfectly with tablets like the iPad Air it could pull even more gamers away from the competitors”.

According to ETNews, Apple already started the production for display components this month, with a following of the processor pieces and camera sensors to be produced next month. If the process of production keeps going undisturbed, we are expecting the release date being set in the near future.

The couple of photos that were leaked seen on Phone Arena confirm that the new tablet will hold the dimensions, button placements, design, camera, pixel resolution (2048 x 1536 pixels) and ports as its predecessor, iPad Air 2. There are a few small adjustments like a Touch ID home button and a microphone next to the main camera. What you could call a big change is the chipset included in the new tablet, the Apple A8 which promises to enhance performance and user experience. Another aspect in which Apple did make adjustments is the camera, improving quality in both the main and secondary camera.

The release date hasn’t been officially confirmed, but seeing that the past tablets of this kind have been released in October, we assume that the iPad 6 will make its entrance on the market around that time as well.

According to Ming Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst, Apple won’t only release the iPad Air 2, but also the iPad Mini 3 at the same time. The analyst believes that the devices will be released either in September or October.


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