iPhone 5C vs. iPhone 5S: Specs Comparison

iphone 5c vs iphone 5s

The Apple industry of smartphones are known to offer the best in the world, having phones run by iOS while competing brands are dominated by Androids. iPhones are considered to be the top-selling, widely known and user-friendliest phone in the smartphone market so now, let’s see what really is in these iPhones when we compare the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S.


Apple is known to offer only one kind of phone, the iPhone, which is only modified through time to improve its features to cope with the developing dynamics of technology.

The iPhone 5C is known to deviate the usual form of the iPhone, coming in different colors of White, Pink, Yellow and Blue, which suggests a more fashionable look and is also made from plastic which makes it slightly heavier than the iPhone 5S.


Both phones come with a capacitive touchscreen capacity and both phones also has a 4 inch screen size which is the signature screen size of iPhones making these phones very handy and not bulky.

Hardware and Software

In terms of hardware features, both phones have a 1.3GHz dual core processor with the iPhone 5S having a processor make of Apple A7 which is slightly advanced from iPhone 5C’s Apple A6. When it comes to storage capacity, both phones come with a RAM capacity of 1GB. These phones have varieties in which they come with different internal storage capacity of 16GB, 32GB or 64GB which usually suggests the price variation of these phones.

Both phones also come with the same operating system of iOS 7 which is upgradable to the latest modifications of the iOS operating system through time.

Camera features

When it comes to the camera, both phones have a rear camera of 8 megapixel and a front camera of 1.3 megapixel.

Though these two phones look so identical and similar, take a look at the thorough specs comparison at GSM Arena’s comparison page.

Which one of the two to choose?

The iPhone 5C came out at the same time with iPhone 5S, most comments on it usually dwell on the idea that even if iPhones are consider to take a lot of spilling from the pocket, this iPhone 5C is considered to not give a reasonable value for money. Also, smartphone users believe that the iPhone 5C does not give an image that looks to be future proof than the iPhone 5S.

The iPhone 5S on the other hand takes pride on its nature to be upgraded once iOS develops a modified and upgraded version, most users believe that this system of Apple concentrating their phones in a single system is more effective when compared to other brands which produces a wide variety of phones without actually focusing on just developing a single one.

In choosing between these two phones, smartphone users must of course be keen in choosing a phone that will absolutely be worth their money and also a phone that they can easily use. Also, it is important to note that Apple takes pride in iPhones all because it is a phone that is almost universally known to not lose its shine and fame anytime soon.

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