iPhone 6 Breaking Info From Leaked Picture

Everything iPhone 6 related travels across the internet with tremendous speed, as it is one of the most awaited smart devices of 2014.  As new information continues to surface, a new photo also leaked.

Those awaiting the iPhone 6 are enthusiastic about any detail they can get their hands on, so of course, this will probably make the day for some of them, as new details about the device have surfaced.

The twitter user @NowhereElseFr has posted a picture on his account, which is supposed to be a picture of the iPhone 6’s circuit parts. The twitter account responsible for posting the picture also stated that the debated photo is supposed to serve as a form of comparison between the logic boards one can find in the new iPhone 6, as opposed to the logic boards available for previous models, such as the iPhone 5S. Out of the iPhone 6’s internal configuration, he says, the new Apple device will feature not only faster WiFi capabilities, but also newly implemented Near Field Communication technology, or short NFC, which has been around for Android users for quite some time now. It seems like Apple is finally getting with the crowd.

It is expected to see an improvement in range and compatibility in the new iPhone’s WiFi capabilities, as it will feature WiFi 802.11ac which provides very fast data transmission, as well as high throughput WLAN. Although an improvement and plus for the iPhone 6, these features were made available for the Android smartphones a pretty long time ago, but it is still good to see Apple improving its device.

iPhone 6

Out of the leaked photo, you can easily distinguish both differences and similarities between the iPhone 6 and the previous versions of the iPhone. Several design changes have been made, and it seems the iPhone 6 will a have a longer part at the top.

Another leaked photo of the iPhone 6 showed what was supposed to be the device’s lighting port, back part and headphone assembly, surfaced from Taiwan.

Overall, Apple is preparing itself for a busy final quarter, with massive production in plans, due to the huge product demands that are predicted for the end of the year. Apple will have to try and keep up, as they will have to handle their supply chains as well. These include the likes of Winstron, Foxconn and Pegatronn.

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