iPhone 6 Confirmed Release Dates with Leaked Information about A Bigger iPhone

People are waiting for the next iPhone 6 versions. There has been a lot of confusion regarding the release dates. At first it was believed that Apple will release both of the iPhone at the same time in September, but it looks like they don’t want their products to compete with each other, and that’s why they will use two release dates. There has been a new leaked surface that is showing the part of a new iPhone 6 model, that look like the next iPhone 6 will be larger.

DigiTimes have said that the 4.7 inch model will be released before the 5.5inch one. Other blogs believe the same thing, but DigiTimes reason to believe this is the best one. The reason why Apple are not releasing the products at the same time is because they don’t make the same mistake they did when they released the Phone 5S and iPhone 5C at the same time. The release of these products at the same time has turned the market upside down.

Another specialist, Ben Lovey from 9to5Mac is saying that the release at the same time of the products actually did not hurt Apple’s sales. He is saying that the usual customers usually knows from before the release what he wants to buy, despite some customers just going for the most expensive model. Another analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo is saying that the reason behind the two released dates is because of some production problems.

If these products get released at the same time, the one with the bigger screen is the one in advantage, because as analysts are saying, a bigger screen iPhone 6 is a good offer from the company. The 5.5inch iPhone 6 is considered to be a phablet and that it might delete the iPad series from the market because, basically the iPhone 6 is an iPhone and iPad combined.

A leaked document has showed up on the French Blog Nowhereelese, that supports the release of a big screen iPhone. The photo’s leaked are believed to be leaked from a trusty source, has said Steve Hemmerstoffer, the blog editor. The circuit board of the new iPhone 6 is very large in comparation with the one of the iPhone 5S.


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