iPhone 6 Confirmed With Two Special Models – Release Date

According to recently leaked information, it seems like there won’t be too many different things regarding the external aspect of the two iPhone 6 versions. The only phone feature we know for sure is going to differ, is the screen size.

Striking Resemblance

The theory claiming that the two versions of the iPhone 6 are practically identical without the screen size difference is backed up by new leaked information by MacRumors, which reported the story picked up from Evas0nJailbreak.com. It seems like they got their hands on new leaked photographs that shows the back panel of the larger iPhone 6. The image resembled earlier leaks of the iPhone 6 back panel, but back then, the smaller iPhone 6 was the subject. If the theory is correct , Apple is marketing the same device twice, in different sizes.

The report from MacRumors goes on, saying that the two back panels feature the same elements, such as Truetone Flash, the Apple logo cutout, the microphone, antenna breaks, and of course, the camera. The same website bets the authenticity of the newly leaked images on the same placement of the screw holes, which match the holes seen in previously leaked images of what was supposedly the larger iPhone 6’s logic board.

The Camera

Recent leaks also suggest that the new iPhone will feature its rear camera slightly raised from the chassis, leading those speculating, such as G4Games to believe that the same appearance feature will be implemented for the other iPhone 6 version as well. The deduction was made after seeing leaked photos of what seemed to be the 4.7 inch iPhone 6’s schematic.

High Display ppi

We already know that Apple is planning on releasing the two iPhone 6 variants with different screen sizes, but the ppi pixel density might not be so different. The screen resolution for the two iPhones is already known to be the same, 1472 x 828, to be more specific, and it seems like the ppi is also similar. The smaller screen iPhone 6 is believed to come with a 359 ppi pixel density, while the larger display iPhone 6 will have a 307 ppi pixel density. The slightly larger pixel density of the smaller device is due to the smaller display that keeps the pixels closer.

Release Dates for the two devices will come shortly after the September 8 unveiling, most likely in October for the 4.7 inch version, and December for the 5.5 inch version.


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