iPhone 6 Full Number of Build Units on Its Release Date – Which Variant is The Best?

It has been reported that Apple has acquired Pegatron’s services for building 25 M units of a very thin, 4.7 inch screen version of the upcoming iPhone 6. The device is believed to be tagged for an October release. Speculation feed on the possibility of Apple releasing the new device one month after its unveiling on September 9.

The Production

It is believed that Apple has placed a 25 million unit order from Pegatron, for the smaller sized version of the new iPhone 6 which is set to release. However, it seems like the amount represents only half of what Apple is planning on shipping out, as the total order is reported to be around 50 million units. The completion of such a massive production is expected to take place sometime during the month of December. Apparently, Foxconn has managed to acquire the rest of the order, while is believed that the total amount of shipped devices will be about 80 million units. The extra 30 million unit, in this case, are represented by the larger iPhone 6, with the 5.5 inch screen.

Reasons behind the 5.5 inch version

A theory regarding the 5.5 inch variant claims that Apple has planned to bring a phablet-size iPhone into the market as the bearer of its sapphire glass technology. This technological feat should improve the quality and resistance of the Phone 6 display. The raised cost of producing such displays forced Apple to limit itself to a lower number of units manufactured, and of course, to raise the price itself, for the 5.5 inch variant, which will likely take a $300 bite out of your savings (that is, if you get the device through a contract deal).

Expect super slim devices

No matter what specification or design differences the two models of the upcoming iPhone 6 will display, one thing we can all be sure of is the fact that both the 4.7 inch screen and the 5.5 inch screen variants will feature a super slim body. There are a number of clues that point out to this outcome, such as leaked photos of a supposedly assembled iPhone 6 logic board, as well as an approved patent by Apple to release further iPhone and iPad models in a slimmer size.

While the smaller, 4.7 inch screen version is set to be unveil dot the public in early September, with a possible October release date, analysts believe that the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 will have to wait until December for its turn.


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