iPhone 6 Introducing Location Security Authentication – Would it Affect Us?

Apple worked on providing a more secure iPhone, the iPhone 6. Even the production of the iPhone 6 has just begun there is still time available for adding new feature. They developed a automatic location-based authentication. What that means is that the phone will change the settings and the profiles based on where the device is(home, work, etc).

The process has been explained by an Apple employee. The software will change the security level in relation with the owner location. For example when the device is at home it will have only 4-digit security check, but if the device is in another place it will require the 4-digit security code and also Touch ID authentication to be unlocked, thus making it more secure.

The methods that the smart phone uses to locate the owners movement ( the location aspect) are: the home Wi-Fi network of the user, cellular tower and GPS information. The owner needs to have two location aspects registered on the device to be able to accurately determine where the location of the user is.

The second part of the process is called “location context” module. This part of the process is used to recognize if the location the owner is in is a safe location, and if it is necessary to change the security levels. For example if you enter a location you have never been before the phone will change the security levels.

Like every other new feature that comes out, its never 100% sure that Apple will make it available for the iPhone 6, but we can only hope that they will do because this will increase the security of the device making it a lot more safer to use.


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