iPhone 6 Of 5.5 inch – Not Until 2015 ?

One of the biggest steps forward taken by Apple both spec and design wise, is upgrading to a 5.5 inch display, thus peaking into the phablet of the smartphone market. However, things seem to go not so smooth for Apple at the moment due to problems surfacing in the production department. Taken these into consideration, it is quite possible that Apple will delay the release of their phablet-like 5.5 inch screen iPhone 6 for a couple of more months, settling for a 2015 release. Even though the iPhone 6 could very well not see the light of day ( or the store shelves) until the next year, predictions show that Apple will pretty much empty their stock and sell huge in 2015. May this have something to do with the delay of the 5.5 inch screen iPhone 6?

Even though Apple would want a 2014 release for their highly anticipated smart device, it seems like, as they get ready and the planned release date approaches, more and more production problems fall upon the tech giant, making it harder and harder for them to keep up. We shall have to wait and see if Apple can manage and fix its production problems and make it out, with the capability of releasing the device as planned. With the possibility of not having the 5.5 inch iPhone available until 2015, there are mixed opinions regarding what this means for Apple. Some say that the separate release of the two iPhone 6 version is bad, because it would have been preferable to see the two versions hit the market at the same time and compete amongst each other, while others believe that this is actually a good thing, and that it’s best if the two variants won’t come out at the same time.

There are also voices that say that the delayed release of the 5.5 inch model in 2015 isn’t due to production related complications, but rather Apple’s marketing strategy, as it is possible that they want to align the release date of the other iPhone 6 versions with the release dates of previous installments. However, these are rumors for the most part, and when you analyze them, you should keep that in mind.

Apple is reported to have posted a 21.3 % year to date, with a good 2014 so far. Also, internal management within the company by the board of directors and capital return of the shareholders, turned Apple once more into an ideal investment. With over 32 million iPhone units sold, Apple has achieved very good numbers in its latest quarter. Going back to the iPhone 6, no final details regarding the device have been officially made public yet.

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