iPhone 6 Paves Way For Thinner Devices – Best of The Best

Recent reports from sources from within supply chains claim that Apple’s iPhone 6 is entering the validation stage. The device launch date, September 9, seems to still be in place, and it seems like Apple has approved a new audio patent that will make the device thinner than ever. Not only will this result in a super slim iPhone 6, but also in a reduce thickness for future devices to come, like the iPad Mini 3,  and iPad Air 2 which, is on the way also. There is a chance that this patent will be successfully implemented on other devices as well, not only the iPhone 6. Apple could very well set new standards in terms of smartphone and tablet thickness.

Supply chain rumors don’t stop here, as the most recent reports are flying in from Weibo, which cites sources within Foxconn saying that Apple has sent the iPhone 6 to the PVT (Product Validation Test) stage. Any remaining problems or errors with the device can be identified and solved during this stage of production. Reports also claim that a number of Apple iPhone 6 units have been manufactured for quality control check.

It seems like Apple is working called the “Long-Throw Acoustic Transducer”, which is supposed to be a new audio patent that will allow the tech giant to make considerably thinner devices. The patent made its way to the US Patent & Trademark Office on August 14th. Designed for the iPhone 6 but maybe available for other devices to come, the Long-Throw Acoustic Transducer is supposed to be an audio technology that creates the actual sound with the help of a magnetic piston. This technology is bound to make devices create a much more vibrant sound. If all goes well, there is no reason why this technology should stop at the iPhone 6, as Apple has a few other devices on the way that could benefit from this patent.

Getting more intricate with the description of the patent,  we know that the patent will feature an audio transducer with a circular cylinder housing. Another possibility is that it may feature a cross-section bearing a rectangular shape. Reports from Patently Apple point towards Christopher Wilk, Rucchir Dave and Scott Porter as those who deserve credit for the patent that is coded 20140226849, and features two magnets closely attached and offer great magnetic permeability.

Sources: ibtimes.com | pcadvisor.co.uk


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