iPhone 6 Pre-Order, Gold And Platinum Versions, Price Starts At $500

It seems like a concrete solid release date is set for Apple’s long-awaited juggernaut device. The iPhone 6 has been spotted as available for pre-order at Birkk (based in Los Angeles) starting with $500 deals. The phone’s versions made available for the customer are many, up to 14 of them are listed at the aforementioned location. Variants include gold and platinum versions, as well as a more high-end (if that’s possible) version, with diamonds crusted in the phone’s body, for those with deep pockets.

Emirates was quoted as saying that Birkk’s encrusted iPhones will come with a warranty for a 1 year period, as well as a certification of authenticity embedded with diamonds. While pre-orders for the normal versions of the iPhone 6 start at $500, the price tag for the encrusted versions varies between $4,495 and $8,395.

Birkk, who plans on releasing the device units  4 weeks after its announcement, reportedly disassembles  them inside their Los Angeles based , advanced laboratory, by a group of very well trained and skilled engineers.

One of the most hyped devices of the year, the iPhone 6, seems to have a lot going for it, as it promises to wow its customers with all the implemented features. Both the iPhone 6 and its manufacturer, Apple, have been hogging the spotlight for quite some time now, and it seems fans can finally set their fingers on a date. The solid date for the device’s announcement seems to be September 9th. Although the device promises changes in its external body as well, reports (from Forbes among others) claim that the company is focusing their time and energy on the interior of the device, making the phone’s hardware their main priority. It is believed the iPhone 6 will have an A8 chip. It is also reported that Apple and Samsung have dropped several disputes with each other so they can focus and direct all their time and funds into developing their new devices, rather than burn them all on fighting each other.

Other reports on the device’s design come from the luxury retailer Field & Volk which is based in Russia. According to them, a series of leaked photographs featuring the iPhone 6 show that the device has changed the positioning of the volume rocker, bringing it closer to the edges, and also that the Apple logo which will have its place of honor on the phone’s back, will be made out of a material patented for by Apple, namely a liquid metal alloy. This material is believed to be very resistant against scratches.

While Samsung struggles in the market against China-based manufacturer Xiaomi, among others, and Apple’s stock prices continue to rise, it seems, according to analysts, that Apple is in for a very good period that will most likely continue in 2015.


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