iPhone 6 Pro Designed with iView and Top Features

China’s smartphone market will about to be rocked! The new iPhone 6 is coming in September 25, as sources say. What are you thinking about? Well, I’m thinking about a 5,5-inch smartphone, a phablet actually, that will come in version of 16 GB, or about a 4,7-inch one that will come in a version of 32 GB.

Is Apple breaking the tradition? I guess so. Say goodbye to Friday, the 19 of September and say hello to September 19 for the 4,7-inch version, as Cupertino said before.

It’s possible that the 5,5-inch version will not include similar option as the 4,7-inch version, as they dumped the idea of having a 16GB iPhone 6.

If you think 16GB, 32GB or 64GB are not enough for you, Apple comes in help. They will release the 5,5-inch version with 128 GB. It’s seems that memory won’t be a problem at all, as it is the main difference between the 4,7-inch version.

There are different opinions regarding the release date of the devices. Some people say that they will be released in the same day, others say that the 5,5-inch version might have some problems with battery and display so this will delay a bit the release.

“The 5.5-inch iPhone 6 is more likely to be equipped with OIS VCM due to lower estimated shipments and the need for more product features to differentiate itself from the 4.7-inch iPhone 6,” Ming Chi-Kuo said via MacRumors.

As Ming Chi-Kuo sais, iPhone 6 5,5-inch version will have Optical Image Stabilisation technology and the 4,7-inch one will have an advanced lens module

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