iPhone 6 Release Date and Top Breaking Features For The Awaited

It seems like plans have changed for Apple, which no longer wants to deliver the new device on the date set. Instead they seem to be opting for a September 16th unveiling of the new gadget, followed by a October 14th release.

Although no specific reason was presented by Apple for this shift in their plans, it is believed it has something to do with the fact that October will be a busy week. The phone was initially scheduled to be released in September. No matter which month Apple chooses for the release, Apple enthusiasts are eager all the same to see the new features of the device. Six of them are presented below, so check them out.

Screen Size

It seems like Apple finally gave in and decided to take example from Android devices and the leading trends, and upgrade its display size. The phone is featured to sport a 4.7 and 5.5 inch screen, which is quite big.

More App control

The iPhone 6 might come with greater app control, which is a great improvement considering the fact that Apple has made a name for keeping their consumers on a short leash. If you own an iDevice, you probably know how frustrating it can get to not be able to take even the smallest decisions sometimes. Improvement is needed in this regard, as user should be able to at least choose the default app for certain tasks, let alone some personalization.

Reworked Siri

The Siri voice helper is also slated to get a makeover, as the same service from Google and Microsoft are dominating without a doubt this area, even though the iPhone was the first device to feature such technology. The upgraded Siri should be less boring and more interesting.


Widgets, the little thing you fill your home screen with, that give you information, shorter way to apps, and are overall helpful and pleasing to the eye, are apparently set to make their debut on the iOS platform. Even though they sort of implemented widgets on the iPhone 5S, it wasn’t all that great.

iMessage update

One of the features of the iPhone that needs updating is iMessaging. It is currently the subject of many crashed and dispatches that ruin the overall experience. The new update should bring stability to the app.

More Battery

The battery will also be able to sustain more life for your device, even though it won’t be severely upgraded in size, because Apple wants to keep the device as slim and light as possible. The improvements for the battery come through the iPhone 6 rocking iOS and also the A8 processor, which are believed to be more efficient and help out the battery.

The most probable release date, based on what we know so far, would be somewhere between September and October for the 4.7 inch version, while the 5.5 inch version hasn’t surface any new details just yet.


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