iPhone 6 Release Date with Spigen Case, TouchID Sensor and Amazing Camera

There are many rumors saying that the Apple iPhone 6 will have some new feature. The features are: touchID sensor, a 13MP instead of the 8 MP camera and a Spigen case.

Leaked photos of the iPhone 6 show that the device will have a relocated sensor for the TouchID feature. In the photo you can clearly were the screws for the TouchID sensor are.

The same web-site that had the leaked photo are saying that the TouchID hardware will last longer than the older design (iPhone 5S),because of the use of tin in the manufacturing process. The web-site GforGamers are saying that the new iPhone 6 will get a camera of 13 MP and a 2.3 inch Sony Exmore IMX220  sensor. The pixel resolution for the 13 MP camera is 3.840x 1.080 pixels in video recording. Also, the same camera sensor, the Sony Exmore IMX220 is rumored to be installed on the Sony Xperia Z3.

Amazon has already listed the 4.7 inch Spigen case for the iPhone 6. The list from Amazon had a photo of the Spigen case, but you could see only the front panel. You can see on the back panel a white color tha has air cushion technology corners and a bumper case.

The Spigen case provides dual protection for the iPhone 6 because of the combined TPU and polycarbonate on the case with flexible edge. The date that Amazon had listed for when they will have the new iPhone 6 in stock is September 30, 2014.

Amazon Japan are saying that the iPhone 6 will have iOS 8 when it will be released, and it will come with 64 GB of internal memory. Amazon Japan also said that the smart phone will weigh 113g and the display dimensions will be 130mm in height, 55mm in width and 7.0 mm in depth.


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