iPhone 6 Release Date Without Sapphire Display but Other Gorgeous Features

One of the most talked-about devices of the year, even though it hasn’t even seen the light of day yet, the Apple iPhone 6 continues to be on the most wanted list. Such hype can’t come by itself, as the device has been the target of vast amounts of rumors coming from all kinds of sources, from everywhere on the planet. The newest source to claim details about the handset, VentureBeat, states that it knows about iPhone 6 features which will most certainly be part of the phone. Most of the features on the list compiled by VentureBeats aren’t out of the ordinary, as they seem to coincide with earlier reports, but despite this, a few of them are worth talking about.

According to this information, both versions of Apple’s iPhone 6, the 4.7 inch display version as well as the 5.5 inch display version, are slated to be announced on September 9th, but feature separate release dates. The smaller, 4.7 inch variant is believed to be made available for customers starting with September 9th, while the larger 5.5 inch version is expected to drop somewhere along the line of October. This is due to the fact that the larger iPhone is speculated to enter production in August or September, while smaller 4.7 inch model already has a couple of months ahead of its big brother.

Getting down to specifications, it is noted that the device is set to feature a 2 GHz A8 chip, as well as NFC technology aside of the standard connectivity options made available for the majority of smartphones as well as earlier iPhone models. Qualcomm is believed to be the brand behind the iPhone 6’ cellular modem.

Although the anticipated sapphire crystal display that was rumored will not be part of the iPhone 6 hardware lineup, the device will still see improvements on the technical side as  Apple have reportedly given the Touch ID fingerprint scanner a facelift. The feature is set to now include better reading times, as well as more accurate reading and enhanced security for when you are making a payment using the scanner.

Don’t lose your hope just yet, as we may actually get to see the sapphire crystal display, as rumors have it that the technology in question will be featured on the larger, later to release,5.5 inch iPhone 6, as the Arizona plant manufacturing the displays using this technology are supposedly very busy and heavily at work.

Though not confirmed, it is also rumored that Apple may be working on a new, special type of connectivity between the iPhone and the newly acquired Beats line of headphones. No official word about this has been released, but sources say that Apple has been playing around with some technologies in regards to this.

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