iPhone 6 Screen Durability Test – iPad Air 2 Release Date

You know and we know that you have been reading a lot of articles with speculations on what the iPhone 6 will look like and what specs it will present. Well, here’s another one! Recently, Marques Brownlee posted a video on YouTube which is allegedly a durability test on iPhone 6’s screen. The new flagship will have a Sapphire glass covering, rather than the Gorilla Glass 3 we’ve all got used to. And apparently, the handset did great.

We’ve all seen in the past how iPhones’ displays are breaking from just a drop on the ground. Well, Apple has been really trying its best to repair this issue, and seem like the Sapphire display does it. The iPhone 6 passed its tests without any trouble. The reviewers first scratched the screen with multiple keys, which resulted in no scratch whatsoever on the display. The second task was bending the screen as hard as possible, and the display did not crack.

This also mentioned that while the 4.7 inches will be available to everybody, the larger one of 5.5 inches will be in a limited production.

There have been some photos of the new iPhone 6 released by Sonny Dickson – tipster/leakster that has leaked photos of the iPhone 5S before.

Not only did Dickson release these photos, but we saw some photos from the Nowhereelse website which has uploaded more than one or two photos of the device in both white and black outlook. We can see that the case has cut outs for sensors, touch id and the front camera.

We hear that Foxconn (the producer of iPhone 6) has been using a number of 10.000 robots that work along with humans in the production of the new flagship that is going to soon hit the market.

Foxconn isn’t the only company in the production of the iPhone 6, but also Petragon. The company works alongside with Foxconn, while we don’t know how exactly is the production process divided between the two. We can wait these companies to give us the final product by 15th or 19th of September, since that’s when Apple is rumored to release the smartphone. Not only will Apple release the smartphone, but also the 5.5 inches phablet and the oh-so-talked-about iPad Air 2.

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