Irfanview adds support for WebP

Irfanview, the simplest yet powerful image viewer and a minimal editor is one of the popular program in the image viewing/editing arena for Windows. There is no mac version of it, and the developer Irfan Skiljan isn’t planning to release one. Irfanview recently added support for WebP images in its 4.35 version update release.

For now, to view and edit WebP images, Irfanview is the best program for Windows. Though many wanted it for mac, the developer can’t find time to release one.

Let’s take a look, how to get WebP images viewed and rendered by Irfanview. If you already have Irfanview on your Windows computer, you only need to install the WebP plugin, which is available as an installer as well as a Zip file where you extract the library file in the plugin folder. I am running Irfanview version 3.98, and installing the WebP installer isn’t opening the file. Seems I have to have the latest 4.35 version.

After installing the Irfanview latest version, and the plugin pack, which you can download here, I am able to open WebP image.


File conversion:

File conversion from any image format to WebP is simple as saving it as WebP, or webby as Irfanview calls it. It has some save options for additional fine tuning, you can set the quality from 0 to 100, while 20 being the default value. You can save it as lossless file, which takes a while. But saving it with the default option itself compresses the file enough that a 60 kb file gets compressed to 37.5 kb and looks the same quality.

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