Is Coffee Shop Millionaire Legit? A Must Read Coffee Millionaire Review!

coffee-millionaire-reviewCoffee Shop Millionaire is a make money online program that seems to have a ton of popular, positive reviews out there.

But just because you read a coffee millionaire review, doesn’t mean that the program is worth your time or your money!

In this post I’ll go into details about the pros and cons of this popular online money making program, with a single question in mind: Is Coffee Shop Millionaire legit?

Let’s take a look.

Overview of the Coffee Shop Millionaire System

coffee-shop-millionaire-productCoffee Shop Millionaire aims to teach its members basic internet strategies through the use of training tools and lessons. The program was established by Anthony Trister, who happens to be a very good salesman. However, this does that mean that the products they offer are also the best. In this review, I will discuss the pros & cons of CSM and hopefully get you more enlightened with this program.

The name of CSM itself already connotes unreal expectations. It’s like telling people that joining the program would get you sitting down in a coffee shop, sipping a hot brew while counting millions of dollars. However, this is just too good to be true.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of joining CSM.

The Pros of a Coffee Shop Millionaire Membership

You don’t need to initially invest a hefty amount to get started. The company requires relative low investment to be paid on a monthly basis compared to other marketing programs that seeks big initial investment or has no clear description at all.

The CSM website is fairly upfront regarding the potential amount you will earn and the time you need to spend to be able to reap commissions. In fact, they have a disclaimer statement at the bottom of the page indicating that they don’t guarantee earnings. Instead, it would solely depend on the kind of work attitude the member possess.

Another plus is that the course structure is pretty simple to follow, and the program is broken down into a series of bite size videos, explaining their process for making money online.

Here’s a sneak peek into the member’s area. As you can see, it’s a bit minimalistic, but very straightforward.


Coffee Shop Millionaire Complaints

The downside of CSM is that most of its positive reviews resulted from GURU launch. There are also hidden charges that are not told right away to prospective members to be paid every month. Aside from the word “millionaire” attached to the program’s name, Coffee Shop Millionaire only offers potential earnings and not at millionaire level.

CSM does not offer member support. It does not also have any mentoring to newbies entering the marketing arena. The program also receives multiple complaints from online buyers. The training materials provided do not coincide with the changes going on with the online world. Furthermore, a series of more payment obligations that can be very annoying!

Conclusion: Is Coffee Shop Millionaire Legit?

When you search the program online, you will come across a lot and I mean A LOT of good reviews. However, this does not coincide with the real scenario that most members encounter. The good feedback usually comes from gurus who want to make good cash from promoting other gurus online.

Each time you type a keyword, you will be directed to watch the same, very boring video that does not even give a spec of the info you needed from the start. The training offered by CSM is not really that bad although it lacks detailed information to be able to generate revenue from what has been taught. Furthermore, important players such as support & community are not part of the CSM program.

Therefore, I would conclude that Coffee Shop Millionaire program is OKAY. Despite the name offering an unrealistic hype, the company does do a good job of managing user expectations with a realistic look at what you might earn with their system.

The information provided is good, but not great, and the biggest downside is the constant stream of upsells that are constantly being offered to you as a member.

If you can deal with that, then Coffee Shop Millionaire might be right for you. You can find more information about the program on their website. Click the link below for access!

visit official website button

A Better Option

If you’re like me and are a little skeptical of all the claims this program makes, and aren’t willing to shell out your hard earned cash just yet, there is a better option out there.

You can click here to read my top choice for earning money online. The program is free to start, and includes an intro course that covers the basics of how online marketing works, and how you can use a few key principles in order to build a real business.

For more information, you can click here to read my review of the program and see what’s included.

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