Is Exotik Signals A Scam? The Ultimate Exotik Signals Review

Dreaming of retiring to work 2 hours a day trading binary options?

If you believe what Exotik Signals has to say, that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do if you sign up for their system. But don’t be fooled by all the hype. Making money trading requires real skills and real experience.

The question is: can Exotik Signals give you the tools and information you need to be successful?

It’s certainly not my #1 ranked options program, but let’s take a deeper look to find out why.

What The Program Is

exotik signals reviewThe Exotik Signals trading program is a membership-based platform that allows users to learn from and mimic their professional trader.

The trader provides signals that purportedly indicate the likelihood of a trade to be profitable, and show his personal recommendations about how to trade.

As a member, you’ll get access to these signals in real time for 2 hours per day. The trader follows both the New York and Tokyo markets, giving you two sessions per day that you can participate in.

If you’re just starting out, it can take a little bit of work in order to get accustomed to the system and how to make profitable trades. In order to combat that, your membership includes a free $50,000 practice account, so that you can simulate the trades you make without putting up your hard earned cash to experiment with what works and what doesn’t, and learn the ropes of the system.

Is Exotik Signals A Scam?

Now let’s turn to the scam factors that should make you leery of Exotik Signals.

It Looks To Good To Be True

First things first. This program simply looks too good to be true.

exotik signals review scamThey claim to give you a $50,000 account to practice with, daily coachings, and a realm of other “unbeatable” extras as a part of their binary signals system.

The reality is, there’s just no way their program lives up to that. That “$50,000 account” is just a fake demo account that they try to pass off as real money, and the “individual coaching” is more like a 2-hour customer support window. Not exactly a one on one mentorship opportunity there!

Not only that, but the website claims the system is:

“…designed to send floods of cash straight into your bank account, quickly and easily, without selling anything.”

Honestly, do you really believe that? My bet is the only people earning those floods of cash are the owners, since they’re pulling in a cool $200 per month selling their crap to you.

Deceptive Pricing

Secondly, I can’t stand the pricing of this program. They advertise it as $97, but really it’s a cost of $97 every two weeks. That means that you’ll end up shelling out more than $2,500 a year just to have access to their system, with absolutely no guarantees of success or earning your money back.

To me, that’s a price that’s hard to justify.

Disclaimers Galore

Another major scam factor is the fact that if you look closely, the site is riddled with disclaimers and other deceptive marketing techniques.

For example, they provide plenty of examples of member earnings and testimonials supporting their product, and then you scroll down to find that those testimonials and all of the information, screenshots, and predictions depicted:

“…do not relate strictly to historical or current facts…”

In layman’s terms, it means they’re not willing to stand by the accuracy of the information they present, and can’t even provide proof of the earnings they claim they and their users make!

“Limited Access”

As if that weren’t enough, the registration offer is purported to be a limited access.

They claim that there’s a maximum of 50 members allowed to signup for the deal. That’s total B.S. This isn’t a limited offer: there’s no expiration date and no information about how many people are actually signed up currently. The site has probably been around for ages with that exact same “only a few spots left” approach on there.

Conclusion: Is It Legit?


Despite its well-crafted website and articulate sales page, this program screams scam at every step of the way. In fact, it seems to be almost a rule of thumb that scams put all their effort into creating a schmalzy sales page to gain your trust, and none of their attention into the actual product!

The world of online binary options trading platforms is notorious for having more than its share of scams and false promises.

Unfortunately, Exotik Signals is yet another one. Don’t waste your time or your money with Exotik Signals. Despite it’s claims, you’re not likely to get anywhere, and you’ll just end up losing money on the program AND on your trades.

If you’re trying to figure out how you can earn money with options trading, then I suggest you click here to learn more about a more reputable program you should consider.

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