iWatch 6 Release Date The Same As iPhone 6

The newest gadget from Apple, the iWatch, will be unveiled on September 9. The same date was set by Apple for the release of their other, probably more anticipated device, the iPhone 6. The specified date most likely refers to the release date of the smaller version of the iPhone 6, with the 4.7 inch display, rather than the 5.5 inch variant, which will probably get a release date later this year.

Analyst  Ming-Chi Kuo claimed  earlier that due to problems in the production department for Apple, the company will be forced to push the release of wearable gadgets such as the iWatch for 2015. The newest reports coming from Recode seem to point in a contradicting direction, as far as the iWatch release is concerned. According to  Piper Jaffray, who is a tech analyst for Gene Munster, claims that the wearable Apple gadget called the iWatch will, in fact, debut on September 9 at the planned event, and its price tag will be around $350 even if Apple hasn’t begun sending out the formal invitations for this event yet, though.

According to the same Recode, the iWatch soon to come out via Apple will feature the tech giant’s HealthKit  software, which can be used to track the user’s health, and also its HomeKit platform, which can transform the iWatch into a high-tech remote control. These would, indeed, be some interesting features to own on the iWatch. Speculations of a wearable gadget from Apple have begun to surface ever since a few patents filled out by Apple leaked a couple of months back. These patents feature a wrist-wearable device initially called the iTime, which included GPS and push notifications. The device responds to gesture movements and can be synced with a mobile device, probably in a similar fashion to how Samsung’s watch gadget communicates with the Samsung smartphones.

First signs of Apple’s involvement in the wearable gadget branch came from John Paczkowski, who was the first one to reveal the news. Apple, however, hasn’t confirmed it yet. Speculations place the iWatch within the September 9 event, alongside the iPhone 6. There are multiple theories about the iWatch, as some say that it will be launched during the event which is coming soon, or if not, just unveiled at the event, then left for a much later release date, so Apple can focus on the remainder of 2014 and squeeze the most out of it.

There aren’t too many details known about the gadget so far, as the only rumors at this point involve the existence of two models, one for men and one for women, and the possibility of it featuring either a flexible OLED display, or a sapphire glass display. Other than these rumors, known details include the A8 processor and the HealthKit+ HomeKit combo.


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