Kindle Unlimited Service Available from Amazon?

The new venture of venture could be the Kindle Unlimited. There are similar services already, but they only for music and movies. People that enjoy to read will be very happy if something like the Kindle Unlimited Service is true, because just at the cost of $9.99 a month they can have over 600.000 new books.

Rumors are saying that this App will be made at Amazon, but there is no known date of when the App will be launched. If the Kindle Unlimited will be released there would be a lot more competition on the e-book market. There are some similar Apps right now, The Scribd and The Oyster, that also do the same service. Rumors are saying that The Kindle Unlimited will not bring only e-books, but they will also have audio-books as well.

Right now there is only the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, that just the premium user to download just one e-book. And the second problem is that the e-book can only be read using an Amazon device like the Kindle Fire tablets or e-Readers. Having the Kindle Unlimited will mean that you can download as many e-books as you want for just the monthly subscription and you can read it from any device if you have the Kindle App installed on it.

What the competition has and Amazon doesn’t have is that Amazon doesn’t have the approval of the big publishing industry(Penguin Random House, Simon&Schuster, HarperCollins, Hachette, Macmillan). They don’t have the approval because the publishers are afraid of Amazon having too much power. Most the e-books in the Kindle Unlimited are from the Amazon publishing division.


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