Know the deactivated or banned facebook profiles on your friends list

Have you been wondering who are those missing people on your friends list? Facebook now shows all of your friends count but you can’t see some in the friends list, these missing ones are either deactivated or banned profiles.What is the better way of knowing it, as they remain mysteriously on your list? You can see them by taking a look at the source code of the friends list page, their profile ID and name can be seen. But this post is to demonstrate it with Skype as it does the job for you.

One way of knowing is to check the fan pages you know they are a fan of and then knowing if they have deactivated, that’s helpful to see if they are indeed deactivated profiles. The deactivated profiles appear in black text with no link to their profile.

The other way is using the Skype. Log in or register for a skype account. On Skype, connect it with the facebook. Boom! those mysterious facebook friends appear on your skype account along with friends and now you know them!

Finally those mysterious deactivated profile that adds up to your friends count is known. You can’t get to their facebook profile from there but know their facebook name.

Remove Disabled Facebook Friends

I know you are wondering how to get rid of them showing in the friends count. I wish facebook has this feature of cleaning up “dead” profiles from your friends list automatically.

You can remove the deactivated facebook friends from within the facebook without any external tools. Once you found who’s account are deactivated from the skype. Enter their name in the friends list page search. Their name will appear. Click on them, you would get a message saying “this account is deactivated. but you can unfriend.” Click on the Unfriend. Confirm unfriending and that’s it.

If that didn’t work, try this solution which does all of the removing of disabled FB accounts for you. Click here to read that solution.

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